Chateau le Val is a 10-minute walk from the hilltop village of Brix with panoramic views over the surrounding area. The village has a modern feel despite its old center. Brix was formerly the feudal domain of the Bruces, ancestors of the famous King of Scotland Robert the Bruce, the national hero of Scotland.

The village has a bakery, bar, butcher / delicatessen, hairdresser, medical center with five doctors, pharmacy, grocery store and a post office.
Large supermarkets are 8 to 12 kilometers away with eg fresh meat, vegetables, fresh fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters. Not expensive. Just outside Brix are two riding schools.
Here you can take riding lessons.

          Weather in Brix

The weather forecasts can be followed on the Internet, but the real weather is often very different.
Some sites it mentions Le Havre as the closest place, but beware that this place is more than 170 kilometers away from Brix.
The closest measuring point of the region is Barfleur.
The measurements are made in the shade by the sea and the wind.
There is an average of at least five degrees cooler than inland, where Chateau le Val is.
Cloud pulls quickly away by strong tides change.
It may be an hour, after measuring the wheater is very different again!
You need 4 hours further south drive to have the same number of sunshine hours

The castle stays wonderfully cool in summer by its thick walls, there is no moist heat, so no problems with mosquitoes.