Location of Chateau le Val 


Château le Val
110, Route de St. Jouvin, 507000 Brix, France

Tel.: +33 (0) 6 01 23 47 876

Castle Hosts: Irene Janzon-Störmer, Uwe Störmer
Reservations: Irene Janzon-Störmer, Uwe Störmer

Château le Val is a 10-minute walk from the hilltop village of Brix in Normandy.

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Irene Janzon-Störmer, Uwe Störmer
Chateau le Val 
110, Route de St. Jouvin

If important delay: please inform by ringing the following number: tel +33 (0) 6 01 23 47 87

These are the coordinates of Chateau le Val for the navigator:
N 49.54.567 °
W 1.60.044 °
Manoir du Val